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    WSRD Big Injector MG1 ECU Unlock & Flash | 2022-2024 Can-Am X3 Turbo RR (262 HP)

    by WSRD
    Original price $1,879.00 - Original price $1,879.00
    Original price
    $1,879.00 - $1,879.00
    Current price $1,879.00

    ECU Flash Lead-Times

    As of 6/13/24 all ECUs would be available for exchange following the 1st of July, 2024. Please reach out to your local WSRD Dealer or WSRD directly before purchase.

    The ultimate performance for your stock turbocharger Can-Am X3! Unleash the full capabilities of your factory - stock turbocharger machine!
    ADVISE - The Big Injector Package is designed for the conversion E85 fuel options! If you will be primarily be running pump gas, 91 or 93 octane, or race gas fuels you will be directed to our Stock Injector Package offering or move to one of our turbocharger upgrades.
    Suitable E85 fuel options; One Ethanol "S", Ignite "Orange", VP "X85", or any local E85 fuel options with a MINIMUM ethanol rating of E70. Please test your fuel before use with the included ethanol tester.

    What's Included?

    • WSRD MG1 ECU Unlock & E85 Flash
    • WSRD Big Injector Set + PNP Adapter Harnesses
    • WSRD Ethanol Tester

    All WSRD E85 Tunes require a minimum of E70 - 70% ethanol rating for proper use. Please use the included ethanol tester before riding.

    The WSRD Big Injector Stock ECU Flash is a bench flash service. Please forward your ECU to our facility using the following address:
    Whalen's Speed R&D, 161 Commercial Avenue, Paw Paw, MI 49079

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