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    WSRD 10" Intercooler Fan Shroud & Fan Assembly | Can-Am X3

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    The WSRD 10" Fan Shroud Assembly is a great addition to your Can-Am X3! A must for controlling intake air temps with the factory intercooler! The WSRD Fan Shroud Assembly features a brushless, slow start fan designed to avoid the harsh amp draw from the factory fan option. With bolt-on capabilities to the factory intercooler, this will also bolt-on and perform on the WSRD Terminator Intercoolers!
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    Horsepower comes from cool air, you can feel the difference early in the morning when temperatures are still cool, then mid to late afternoon it has lost its punch. If you want the science research "ideal gas law". The Can-Am x3 primarily uses the intercooler fan for any air movement through the core due to its location behind the fire wall. So we set out to move more air through the intercooler to keep it cool.

    We have came up with the best solution to help keep intake temps as cool as possible by bolting on our 10" fan/shroud kit. This shroud was designed to bolt to a factory intercooler or any other intercooler that uses factory mounting. The intercooler fans on the 2017 and 2019 model feature a swept blade design. This swept blade is designed to be quiet when compared to a straight blade but by sacrificing less movement of air. The 2018 fan uses a straight blade design and moves roughly 750 CFM of air. The shroud design is not optimized to use the entire face of the core to move air through. Our shroud will pull from most of the surface of the intercooler core and implements a 10" straight blade fan that moves 1100 cfm of air. Which is a 46% increase in airflow.

    In testing, we made 3 qualifying laps in a pro-mod SXS short course X3 and recorded air temp at lap 3 which reached 150.8* F using a factory fan/shroud. Intercooler fan is on an override switch. Charge air temp started at 86* on the way onto track. Ambient temps were low 80s. Total temp gain 64* F. We swapped over to the WSRD 10" fan combination for the 10 lap race. Charge air temp at the beginning of log was 98* Ambient temp low 90s. After 10 laps the maximum temp recorded was 145. 47*F gain. 35% better cooling than the factory fan combination.
    Lastly the motor used to drive the factory fans and this new 10" fan is the same so no concerns relating to problems with more amp draw.

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