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    Steele Racing Brushless Radiator Fan Motor Upgrade Kit | Can-Am X3

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    Steele Racing Install Instructions

    Steele Racing's Brushless Radiator Fan Motor Upgrade Kit features a soft start technology brushless fan motor that not only avoids overload to your electrical system but offers unmatched fan performance.

    Just like the WSRD x Steele Racing Intercooler Fan Shroud Assembly, this brushless fan motor assembly will eliminate major amperage draw issues effecting the factory BRP stator/magneto charging system. Pair the two on your Can-Am X3 will remove nearly a 100 amps hindering the machines performance, and increase the cooling capabilities.

    FAQ - What do I need?

    • The end user simply needs their stock Can-Am X3 radiator fan and shroud assembly.

    FAQ - What's Included?

    • (1) Steele Racing Brushless Fan Motor
    • (1) Steele Racing Motor Upgrade Kit
    • Steele Racing Install Instructions will be included, and are available above in digital format

    Once you have removed your factory radiator fan and shroud assembly from your Can-Am X3 the Steele Racing Motor Upgrade will take less than 10 minutes to install.

    Programmed into every fan is the soft-start technology. Avoid costly electrical problems by mitigating voltage and amperage spikes across the system due to poor power management systems found in other fans.

    Steele Racing realizes that not everyone has the time to custom build a new shroud or mounting brackets when purchasing a fan system so they developed a proprietary hardware kit that allows you to upgrade your OEM radiator fan assembly without changing any of your stock mounting solutions.

    The OEM fan shroud assembly is assembled with a SPAL brushed fan on new machines because they are simple to wire and sometimes provide sufficient cooling for non-aftermarket platforms. Steele Racing understands what it takes to keep a vehicle running cool when it comes to high performance, especially leveraging out brushless technology in other non-standard Steel fans.

    On average, the Steele Racing brushless fan motors perform 20% better than SPAL fans with a direct replacement motor.

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