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    WSRD Ski-Doo Performance Tunes | 900ACE

    by WSRD
    Original price $129.00 - Original price $350.00
    Original price
    $129.00 - $350.00
    Current price $129.00

    This product listing is for clients who have already purchased a DynoJet Power Vision or for clients who are looking to purchase the DynoJet License and flash multiple machines.

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    After your tune purchase is completed, please forward us your PVinfo File; tunes@whalentuned.com along with your order number for proof of purchase. This will allow us to easily identify what we need to send you. Please reference the picture to identify your PVinfo File once your Power Vision has been connected to your computer.

    The process for the PVinfo File is this;
    ~ Step 1: connect the power vision to your machine, and key power on. The dash should light up, along with the power vision. When doing this the Power Vision identifies the machine it is connected to and generates the PVinfo File. (This step is not necessary for clients that have previously flashed the machine they are purchasing tunes for)
    ~ Step 2: you do not need to do anything with the power vision, do not press anything on the power vision, etc. You can now key power off on the machine, let me power vision go black, and this can now be removed from the machine. 
    ~ Step 3: connect the power vision to your computer using the supplied USB cable. You will then open the power vision folder. (Please reference the picture below to assist with this.)
    ~ Step 4: please send this PVinfo File to tunes@whalentuned.com, along with your machine's details and an order reference for the package purchase. Once this is done, Jake will follow up with you on the associated tune files. 
    ~ Step 5: Once the tune files have been received, you will need to download these tune files from the email, do not click and drag from the email. Once these have been downloaded, please move them from the downloads folder to the power vision folder. You should be able to then connect the power vision to the machine and follow the prompts to flash your tune file of choice.

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