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    WSRD DIY Engine Rebuild Kit | Can-Am X3

    by WSRD
    Original price $1,293.00 - Original price $1,293.00
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    In stock

    WSRD is happy to offer everything you'll need to service/upgrade your Can-Am X3 engine. The older model engines have seen a variety of piston ringland failures. As some inspection is required after a failure of the type, this DIY Engine Rebuild Kit allows the end user to seamlessly tear down their factory short block, and reassemble with everything needed to do so.

      Choose a Application Year

      ~ WSRD Piston Set | STD Wrist Pin | STD 74mm Bore - Custom Bore Sizes and Compression Ratios are available
      ~ WSRD 9mm Head Stud Set
      ~ BRP OEM Head Gasket
      ~ (6) BRP OEM Connecting Rod Bearings
      ~ (6) BRP OEM Connecting Rod Bolts
      ~ (4) BRP OEM Upper Main Bearings
      ~ (4) BRP OEM Lower Main Bearings
      ~ (2) BRP OEM Crankshaft Thrust Washers
      ~ (8) BRP OEM Main Bolts
      ~ BRP OEM Stator Cover Gasket
      ~ BRP OEM Oil Fill Side Cover Gasket
      ~ BRP OEM Oil Pan/Sump Gasket
      ~ BRP OEM PTO Bearing Gasket