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    WSRD Ghost 6 Injector Billet Intake Manifold | Can-Am X3

    by WSRD
    Original price $1,776.00 - Original price $2,833.00
    Original price
    $1,776.00 - $2,833.00
    Current price $1,776.00
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    With the addition of our DMG DMU85 5-Axis CNC Machine we continue to design, redesign, and design some more while looking for the ultimate gains in performance for those extreme power levels; bringing you the WSRD Ghost 6 Injector Intake Manifold. For several years now we have offered the Billet X Intake Manifold as the superior intake manifold option available to the market. However, this also came with a hefty price tag. We have since redesigned, the now Ghost Intake Manifold, and bring you the optimal option for performance from low end horsepower gains, mid-range, and maximizing peak horsepower gains.

    The Ghost Intake Manifold 6-Injector Port option is designed to accept the factory BRP throttle body, and WSRD's 68mm Throttle Body Upgrade. And, features the factory style map sensor port and will accept the WSRD 3 bar & 4 bar map sensors. This intake manifold also features (4) 1/8th inch NPT ports, a minor feature that has been missing from the other manifold offerings on the market. When being limited to (1) or (2) ports you quickly find yourself out of options for manifold accessories when trying to utilize an 1/8th NPT 5 or 7 Bar Map Sensor, Boost Gauge, BOV fitting, and boost reference for your aftermarket fuel pressure regulator. Much like the throttle body, the Ghost Intake Manifold will also accept the factory BRP fuel rail, along with the Weistec Billet Fuel Rail that WSRD offers. For the last added manifold feature we relocated the injector boss location for ease of install when using an aftermarket injector that requires a plug and play adapter harness.

    Now, on to what's important, the performance gains! Through our initial dyno testing, we put the Ghost Intake Manifold in a heads up dyno day versus our previously offered Billet X Intake Manifold performing power pulls on our 43mm Xona Rotor Turbocharger at 30 PSI. Overall, you can see a huge performance gain through low and mid-range utilizing our big runner design. Netting anywhere from 25HP at 30MPH to nearly a 40HP increase at 50MPH, and producing a 10HP peak increase in performance. While the performance gains are extremely impressive with our big runner design, our small runner design, which saw additional testing on a stock turbocharger machine at lower boost levels, netted performance gains through the low-end and near identical peak power production numbers as the big runner. **Dyno graphs and dyno testing video found below.**

    Accessory Ports

    Accessory Ports

    For what should be an industry standard, sadly it's not, most aftermarket intake manifolds limit port options to (2). The WSRD Ghost Intake Manifold is available with (4) 1/8" NPT accessory ports. This is perfect for those clients utilizing our 5 or 7 bar map sensor, BOV boost reference, a boost gauge boost reference, and beyond!
    The Ghost Intake Plenum Body also features an integrated map sensor port. This map sensor port is a bolt-on application for all stock map sensors, as well as WSRD 3 and 4 bar map sensors.

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