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    WSRD FURY Stock Injector ECU Flash (240-256HP) | 2022-2024 Polaris Pro R

    by WSRD
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    Introducing the long awaited WSRD Polaris RZR Pro R Stock Injector ECU Flash! We have put our heads down and focused on producing as much horsepower as we can our on the naturally aspirated four cylinder engines! 
    Choose a Flash Device
    Choose a Fuel Option

    When selecting ECU Bench Flash:

    ~ WSRD Bench Flash Service with your selected fuel option

    (Individual tune files can only be loaded at time)

    When selecting ECU Bench Flash - ADD | Whalen's Speed RTD:

    ~ WSRD Bench Flash and Unlock Service

    ~ All fuel options will be able to the end user for hand held flashing options

    Both of these options do require that you send your ECU to the Whalen's Speed HQ!
    Please sent to the following address:
    Whalen's Speed R&D
    161 Commercial Avenue
    Paw Paw MI, 49079

    ~ Stock ECU Calibration: 202 Hub Horsepower | 225 Crank Horsepower

    ~ WSRD 91 Octane Flash: 216 Hub Horsepower | 240 Crank Horsepower

    ~ WSRD 93 Octane Flash: 222 Hub Horsepower | 246 Crank Horsepower

    ~ WSRD E85 Flash: 231 Hub Horsepower | 256 Crank Horsepower
    (This requires E70 minimum - WSRD's Ethanol Tester will be supplied!)

    ~ Speed Limiter is removed
    ~ Rev Limiter is raised to 9100 RPM
    ~ Radiator Fan activation is lowered to 185 degrees (factrory activation is 205 degrees)
    ~ Start in gear is enabled
    ~Two foot operation is enabled
    ~ Cylinder to cylinder fueling and ignition timing balance is adjusted

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    Mike Morgan

    WSRD 2022-2023 Polaris Pro R Stock Injector ECU Flash (240-256HP)

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