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GEN8: This is the KWI GEN 8 adjustable Fly Weight specifically designed to harness the BIG POWER and big turbo kits for the X3. Makes more wheel HP than any other other clutch calibration on the market.

GEN7: The KWI GEN7 weight was specifically designed for the 2020 Can Am X3 turbo RR and cars with very big turbos that need to spin 8800+ RPM. Our custom designed weight profiles are always developed with many hours of testing, prototyping, data logs and revisions prior to final in-house production. We develop all our weights from scratch and arent satisfied until the shift curve is putting down maximum performance in every situation while extending belt life. At KWI we dont just copy existing weight designs and then add magnets or screws to make them adjustable, we design products for YOUR car.


KWI Clutch Weight Bushings: This is the bushing for the weights. Fits stock and KWI weights. Easy press in design.