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    JRR Motec M130 Relay Expansion Harness | Polaris Pro R

    by JRR
    Original price $350.00 - Original price $650.00
    Original price
    $350.00 - $650.00
    Current price $350.00
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    Plug and play relay loom for 2022+ Polaris Pro R models with JRR M130 PNP kit. This loom plugs directly into the available Expansion Loom, and add-on option. It can also be used independently, by providing 12v and a ground side control via the DTM connector.

    Pre-wired fuse and relay box, with dual 30A fuse protected relays, for adding fans, intercooler fans, or other devices. Mating DT-2S connectors are included.

    In standard configuration, both relays are controlled together with one trigger wire. In the standard M130 PNP kit, this maintains enough available outputs for staged injection. If that is not required, then independent control of the relays would be an option.

    The following lengths are standard. Minor length changes can be made at no extra charge. Custom versions can also be suppled - cost will depend on changes required.
    • Relay outputs: 40"
    • Battery 12v/Ground: 24"
    • Relay trigger DTM: 16"

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