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    JRR C127 OE PNP Dash Kit | Maverick R

    by JRR
    Original price $3,650.00 - Original price $4,680.00
    Original price
    $3,650.00 - $4,680.00
    Current price $3,650.00
    Choose a 120MB Logging
    Choose a Display Creator

    JRR Can-Am Maverick R C127 OE PNP Kit

    • This PNP kit fits 2024+ Can-Am Maverick R models
    • The C127 mounts to the steering column, using the supplied brackets, in place of the OE driver display. The OE driver display must be retained, and the PNP harness is setup to relocate it under the upper dash.
      • The kit receives CAN data from the OE engine ECU and various chassis modules. Click on the pictures to enlarge, and a variety of screenshots have been provided to show a sample of what is available to view/log with this kit. All screenshots are from the standard C127 PNP kit (with optional logging) on a stock MavR, with no additional sensors added.
      • Included is a PNP harness for connecting one of the OE cameras to the C127 display (front or rear). The OE touch screen camera function is unchanged, but the C127 camera display will work at any speed. In addition, for vehicles equipped with two cameras, you can view one on the touch screen, and the other on the C127, simultaneously.
      • An optional Racegrade CAN keypad will plug into the 4 pin DT connector. In addition, other CAN devices can also be wired to this connector. A wide variety of CAN based expansion is supported.
      • Logging option enables the 120MB internal data logging memory
      • Display creator option allows fully customized layouts and graphics. With the purchase of this option, the layout shown in photos will be included at no extra charge, as a base to get started with.
      • Input/output option enables the use of 6 AV inputs, 2 AT inputs, and 4 outputs on the C127, for directly connecting additional sensors and devices. Please contact us if you are interested in this option, as well as any custom PNP loom options that are desired to go with it.
      • This PNP kit will work with the C125 and C1212 if a different display size is desired, not including the mounting brackets. Due to extremely low sales of these two displays on the Can-Am X3 models, there are no plans to make mounting brackets for them on the Maverick R. Please contact us if you are interested in ordering this kit with a C125 or C1212.

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