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    CT Race Worx Boxed Upper A-Arms | Polaris Pro R

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    Upgrade your Polaris Pro R with the CT Race Worx Polaris Pro R Boxed Upper A Arms and experience unmatched off-road performance. Engineered with precision and crafted with superior materials, these boxed upper A arms offer exceptional strength and durability. The boxed design provides increased ground clearance, allowing you to navigate through rugged terrains and conquer obstacles with ease. With optimized suspension geometry, these upper A arms enhance your vehicle's handling, stability, and control, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride. Their corrosion-resistant finish ensures long-lasting protection against the elements. Take your off-road adventures to the next level with CT Race Worx Polaris Pro R Boxed Upper A Arms, the perfect upgrade for enthusiasts seeking reliable performance and rugged durability.

    If you want to add strength, adjustment and eliminate the lack of trust from ball joints on your Pro R or Turbo R, look no further. The goal was to create an arm that addressed every possible issue and we did just that.

    We started with our boxed a arm design which has be proven for a decade throughout our product line. The brake line bungs in the arm have a sealed bottom, they are not exposed into the internals of the a arm and they utilize 6mm hardware that we supply. The CT logo on top of the arm is cut from stainless steel and can be left bare, polished or powder coated depending on the look you're going for. The bushing barrels are created to mimic the factory measurements perfectly, except we added 6mmx1 thread and we include grease fittings for serviceability without having to take the front suspension off to lube the pivot points on the chassis. At the spindle side we changed out the factory ball joint for an FK JMX14T-770 joint which is the top of the line 7/8" FK Rod End. The joint is secured and kept in place by a pinch clamp that we machine here in house made from a block of 4130 chromoly. A 5/16" Grade 9 bolt squeezes on the threads to make sure it doesn't move, also this design doesn't keep you wondering if a jam nut will break loose since there is no jam nut. The joint is threaded in and only leaves about 4 threads exposed, this allows you to add or subtract chamber to your likings or if you're dealing with a tweaked frame and you're trying to get your tires upright perfectly again. To finish off the spindle side of things the spindle pin is made and heat treated in house from 17-4 stainless to H900 standards.

    As always our a arms have a no BS lifetime warranty. The joint and spindle pin do not have a lifetime warranty.

    NOTE - If you plan on ordering this part bare and are going to powder coat it, you can NOT let the threads in the pinch clamp get sand blasted or powder coated. These parts get machined to an extremely tight tolerance and we test every piece after it is made, if that does happen, you won't get the joint back together and it likely will not tighten. If this happens we will NOT warranty the item if it does not function properly.

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