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    CT Race Worx Billet Radius Rods | Polaris Turbo R & Pro R

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    These radius rods offer everything you could ask for, no expense was spared.

    Starting life from 1.5" thick American Made 7075 aluminum, which is twice the strength of 6061 aluminum, we mill these down to create the perfect set of radius rods for the Pro R and Turbo R.

    The lower rods pick up 1" of ground clearance in the peak of the radius rods and over 2" in other areas. The front of the rod has a massive 3/4" tall 45 degree ramped face to help get you up and over the obstacle instead of getting hung up. Integrated gussets strengthen the rod and keep them from deflecting in extreme bottom outs and odd hits. We're using the wide series of FK uniballs which is the WSSX12T. We also use a different set of spacers and o-rings on the frame side of radius rods to keep them from flopping back and forth but still allowing for slight deflection when needed.

    The upper radius rods use our proprietary single point quick adjuster that doesn't use any jam nuts. This adjuster is made up of a 3/4" LH JMX12T rod end, and the adjuster collar. The adjuster collar is made from a piece of 17-4 stainless steel that we heat treat for extra strength, this piece has a 1" OD right hand thread and also a 3/4" ID left hand thread and has multiple slots through the thread. The body that houses the adjuster is the upper radius rod itself, it has the 1" ID thread and has a slot through the body, to tighten it we have (2) 5/16" grade 9 bolts. To adjust the upper radius rod, you loosen the (2) 5/16" bolts and use an 1-1/4" wrench to turn the adjuster collar. The adjuster collar and joint thread and unthread at the same rate making adjustments as easy as they could possibly be while giving 3/4" of total adjustment in overall length. To tighten everything and secure it in place you torque the (2) 5/16" bolts to 25 ft lbs and you're done. This means that the camber can be set while the vehicle is sitting on the ground without doing anything special.

    We favored the 3/4" uniball overs 7/8" for one reason, and one reason only - strength and material around the uniball. 7/8" while they sound appealing due to size thinned the wall thickness down too much for our liking, even while using the stronger 7075 material.

    Both upper and lower rods are 100% symmetrical so there is no left hand or right hand rod, racers - this means you only need to carry one spare in case of an emergency.

    Every set comes anodized black and like always, our parts carry a lifetime warranty.

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