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    WSRD YouTube Video Blogs - Can-Am X3

    WSRD Video Blogs:

     Whalen's Speed: Billet Ghost Can-Am X3 Fuel Rail | Product Overview

    Whalen's Speed: Only 70PSI of Boost through the Billet Block :( | Silverback Offroad Speedway

    Whalen's Speed: Our New Ghost Billet Intake Manifold | Can-Am X3 900ACE

    Whalen's Speed: 300HP-350HP-450HP | 2022 Can Am X3 Mainline Dyno Session | Club/GT/GTX

    Whalen's Speed: 2022 Can AM BIG Injector Tunes | "Part 2"

    Whalen's Speed: Our NEW 2022 Can-Am

    Whalen's Speed: Sparta 300 to Sand Outlaw Drag Racing | EP1 Season 2

    Whalen's Speed: Snagging a WORLD RECORD! 500+WHP Can-Am X3

    Whalen's Speed: A REAL 500+WHP Can-Am | SDDRS | Compund Turbocharged

    Whalen's Speed: Level Up Your Machine | Motec Standalone ECU Packages

    Whalen's Speed: Can-Am 900ACE Turbo Flow Bench Testing | Part 2

    Whalen's Speed: Testing Anti-Lag Can-Am X3 | WSRD Emtron ECU Package

    Whalen's Speed: NEW Cylinder Head Flow Bench Testing | Can-Am 900ACE Turbo

    Whalen's Speed: New Gains Made on the ProHub | 2020 Turbo RR

    Whalen's Speed: Can-Am X3 Primary Bolt Strength Testing | New KWI 630 Primary Bolt

    Whalen's Speed: 300WHP+ Stock Engine Tear Down | EP. 10

    Whalen's Speed: Ripping both of our Can-Am X3s!

    Whalen's Speed: Dyno Testing HMF & Treal Exhaust | WSRD 2020 Turbo RR | EP9

    Whalen Speed: 2020 Can-Am XRC Turbo RR Frame Swap | Timelapse

    Whalen Speed: Can-Am X3 WS180/200/205 Power Package Overview

    Whalen Speed: Can-Am X3 WS150/160/170 Power Package Overview

    Whalen Speed: C&R Intercooler - Product Feature

    Whalen Speed: 2019 ERX Offroad UTV Pro Mod

     Whalen Speed: The Process

    Whalen Speed: Project 120X3 Wrecking The Weekend!

    Whalen Speed: WSRD Tuned Our Stock Turbo Can-Am to 200HP!

      Whalen Speed: Can-Am X3 XRS Night Run - Full Length

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