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    WSRD Can-Am Project 120X3 | YouTube Series

    Whalen's Speed: Sparta 300 to Sand OutLaw Drag Racing | EP1 Season 2
    Whalen's Speed: Snagging a WORLD RECORD! 500+ WHEEL HP Can Am X3
    Whalen's Speed: A REAL 500+WHP Can-AM | SDDRS | Compound Turbocharged | WSRD
    Stock to Race Car | Project 120X3 From The Beginning
    Thanks everyone who supports us and what we do! It has been a great time and still lots more to do and offer to you guys! THANKS! -W.S.R.D
    Whalen's Speed : 2020 Labor Day Testing | #CaughtSleeping
    Great times and vibes! Thanks for watching.
    Whalen's Speed: Project 120X3 Hits 400WHP | Extended Footage
    Whalen Speed: Project 120X3 Can-Am Hits 400WHP on Mainline ProHub Dyno
    With our new Prohub dyno, we've pushed it passed 400 WHEEL HORSEPOWER! Further development of our engine package is going great. Mo track time, mo faster!
      • Dyno'ed @48psi = 403WHP (WHEEL HORSEPOWER, NOT CRANK HP)
      • Track testing @51psi
    Whalen Speed: Launching The Stallion @ Glamis Dunes | New Engine | EP11
    We ended up making a heck of a trip to test our new set up on the Stallion. Yet again, nothing to crazy going on. Day 1, night one, we pretty much went straight to the sand. We were happy with the results. Day 2, we went back in the evening for more hits. It was as simple as that. Car performed well, and we drove it back on the trailer w/ no issues!
    Whalen Speed: 300WHP+ Stock Engine Tear Down | EP10
    Nothing too crazy here. For the ones who are interested, we had the opportunity to tear down and check out some of the vitals of our Project 120X3 engine. This is the original engine from our 2019 XRC. This engine has plenty of dyno pulls, 40 PSI of boost and still ran great until we pulled it! But, John explains some of the things going on inside. If you never seen whats inside a 900ACE Can-Am engine, this is great video to watch.
    Whalen Speed: Project Can-Am 120X3 | EP8
    Finally back with another update on our 120 Model Can-Am X3. This video just touches base on some of the things we've been doing here with the machine. John still has a lot going on and we still a lot to do yet. Enjoy.
    Whalen Speed: Project Can-Am 120X3 | EP7.5: SXS Blog Race Day
    Little racing and chatting about the SXS Blog race day. We dropped the Motec M130 package in the car on Thursday, tuned it on Friday, and showed up pretty well on Saturday. The Black XDS next to us is running our WS240X package on stock ecu. Our XRC (still with the winch installed) was running 27-29 PSI and Chris' XDS(street legal) was at 30 PSI. Both running KWI clutch components. Both on E85, both full weight.
    Look at the roost difference between big horns and paddles!! We will for sure come more prepared and with better equipment to try to make it a little closer for you guys! Nothing better testing our stuff against other competitors as well as our own products. It amazing to see our two machines as close to each other as they were!
    Whalen Speed: Project Can-Am 120X3 | EP7: WSRD Intake Test & A Visit From Bak40 Motorsports
    For the past few weeks, we have been trying to get a lot done to our machine. Trying to get as much on video as possible. We wanted to make sure our intake system worked. With great results with it we continued the video with preparation for the SXSBlogs track/fun day. Hope we didn't jump around to much since we had a couple of crazy weeks here at the shop. Please comment or reach out to us anyway you please if you have any questions.
    Whalen Speed: Project Can-Am 120X3 | EP6: WS180 TEST & BIG Bolt On Turbo
    We got a chance to hit up our property this past weekend. It unfortunately ended a little too soon due a storm that rolled in on us. We didn't get all the footage we wanted but we got enough to throw something together. After that, we headed back into the shop to install our new FPX3 Green Turbocharger. We swapped everything over to the new set up. Sorry for not showing any of the install itself. But, it was pretty quick, it was a complete bolt on system with some swapping on the stock parts! MORE TO FOLLOW!
    Whalen Speed: Project Can-Am 120X3  | EP5: WS170 + REV-X and Race-GAS Additive Dyno Test
    We took our weekend and did some oil and fuel additive dyno testing. We first needed confirmation on our WS170 tune, so we knocked that out in the first back-to-back dyno pulls. We used those numbers to now base any gains from the oil and fuel additives. So, we then just added the REV-X engine oil additive. At the we did a few heat cycles and then some power pulls, we ended up reaching back to that test at the END of the video. Then the other additive was the fuel octane booster, Race-GAS. We had the same tank of fuel, 91 non ethanol. But, sit back and enjoy. We had A LOT of content in this video. PLEASE comment if there is any questions.
    Whalen Speed: Project Can-Am 120X3 | EP4: Street/Road Test Hits 0-60MPH Timed Runs
    We changed a bit up this episode and did some street testing. We had a chance to test 0-50pmh ET times with our WS150 package and 0-50mph ET times with our WS160 package. Then, we decided to through our WS170 kit on our machine as well and do some 0-60mph. We did end up getting some data to where we changed a the clutching. We, again, hope this is all informational and somewhat entertaining. We have yet still more dyno tuning and plenty of more power for squeeze our of this! Hope you guys follow along!
    Whalen Speed: Project Can-Am 120X3 | EP3: Turning Up the Boost/Clutch Tuning/Dyno Tuning
    We went down the list here at the shop with what we wanted to test and dyno for this eposide. After some time getting the clutch testing for the non-intercooled tune, we turned up the power. We got great results with that and next was to knock out the intercooler install and get back to clutching the turning up the power. There was a lot of content that we had to go through and we hope you guys follow along. If there are any questions and confusion about anything, be sure to let us know!
    After some time and we think we nailed the WS150 & WS160 clutching and tuning. We hope that what we bring to these videos are informational and give you guys some incite on what it takes to make kits work and reliable.
    Whalen Speed: Project Can-Am 120X3 | EP2: Entire Day Tuning and Clutching Our XRC
    With entire day spent on tuning our XRC. We got great results with the tuning of the stock set up. With our gains, we now tackled some of the clutching. If there are any questions. Please let us know!
    Whalen Speed: Project Can-Am 120X3 | EP1: New WSRD Project/Pick Up And Explained
    Here we are with our first episode of Project 120X3. We traveled to Zeigler Motorsports to pick up our new 2019 Can Am XRC turbo (120hp Model, non intercooled). Our goal of this video is to introduce our new purchase and to explain the plans of what WSRD has planned for the Can Am. Thanks and enjoy!

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