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Xona Rotor 78-64 Ball Bearing Turbocharger

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XR 78•64 [78lb/min 500-780HP]

Component Details:

  • Stainless steel bearing housing
  • 360 Degree Water Jacket
  • Ceramic dual ball bearing
  • Compressor wheel - 62.1MM Inducer / 86MM Exducer
  • Turbine Outlet - 64.1MM
  • 78lb a Minute Flow Rating
  • 500-750HP Applications

Introducing the Xona Series CHRA a billet SS construction featuring expanded water jacketing which fully surrounds the entire hot side register for improved heat blocking in the turbine section. Better materials extend the service life through improved corrosion resistance and reduced heat conduction into the bearing section of the CHRA. The rotating assembly is isolated from vibration 3 dimensionally via specially designed oil damping chambers which also serve to provide variable preload to the angular contact ceramic ball bearings ensuring that bearing preload increases with oil pressure, rpm and thrust loads a feature never before seen in ball bearing turbochargers. Correct loading of angular contact ball bearings and bearing temperature are the determining factors when it comes to the lifespan of the ball bearing.