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    WSRD Stroker V1 Long Block Engine Package | Ski-Doo

    by WSRD
    Original price $ 9,229.00 - Original price $ 9,229.00
    Original price
    $ 9,229.00
    $ 9,229.00 - $ 9,229.00
    Current price $ 9,229.00

    The engine with the mostest for the enthusiast trying to get every bit of power out of their pump gas equipped sled! This is the engine package currently in the WSRD Mach Z Project currently making over 400HP! 

    Engine Components: 

    WSRD Stroker V1 Long Block:

    • WSRD "Terminator" Pistons
    • WSRD X-Beam Connecting Rods
      • ARP CA 625+ Rod Bolt
    • WSRD "Ultimate" 9mm Head Studs
    • BC Racing Stroker Billet Crankshaft 
      • Includes Crankshaft Balancing
    • New OEM Main Bolts
    • New OEM Main and Rod Bearings
    • New OEM Thrust Washers
    • BC Racing Cometic Head Gasket
    • WSRD Engine Machining Services
      • Engine Block Decking Service
    • WSRD Long Block Assembly Service

    WSRD V3 Cylinder Head:

    • WSRD CNC Port Machining
    • BC Racing Valve Spring Set
    • WSRD Stage 2 Camshaft Set
    • BC Racing Intake Valves - STD Size
    • BC Racing Exhaust Valves - +1mm Size
    • WSRD/GSC Valve Guides
    • WSRD Cylinder Head Machining Services
      • WSRD Valve Guide Replacement Service
      • WSRD Cylinder Head Deck Service
      • WSRD Valve Job Service
      • WSRD Cylinder Head Vapor Hone Cleaning Service
    • WSRD Cylinder Head Assembly Service
      • Includes Long Block Assembly Services