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WSRD Evo X Front Drag Brake Kit (Vented)

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Our kit is designed with weight, clearance, style, and performance in mind. Billet calipers offer awesome weight savings as well as a strong design. These calipers are used in the top levels of NHRA racing. The weight savings over the factory brembo setup is ~40.4lbs (solid) total.

Please keep in mind this is a drag kit, is not recommended for frequent street use and continued use of the brakes. The rotor should have adequate time to cool to prevent cracking and warping.

Our kit requires removing the factory heat sheild

The kit will includes (per side ~15lbs(solid vented) not counting the brake line and adapters):
  • Aerospace Components 4 piston Street caliper
  • Custom hawk pads(Street pad) from Aerospace Components
  • Custom rotor hat with 11.75" Wilwood scalloped vented or solid vented rotor
  • Custom mounting bracket for caliper, hardware, brake lines and adapters.
Factory weights vs. WSRD Components:
  • Brembo caliper - ~11.3lbs; WSRD Caliper w/ Bracket and Hardware - ~4.8lbs
  • Factory Rotor - ~23.6lbs; WSRD Rotor - ~9.9lbs
These kits are made to order so expect a 1 to 2 week build time!

**Our solid kit is pictured.**