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WSRD Blaze Ignition System - Evo X

$ 1,100.00 $ 1,200.00

With the engineering behind our Evo 8/9 Sequential Ignition System and the rigirous testing and R&D we now present the Evo X Ignition System! 

The idea behind this ignition system was simply this; no CDI Box and 100% plug and play with the factory harness allowing this to be used with both stock ECUs and aftermarket standalone. We did just that.

The coil harness we use features four trigger plugs designed to be plug and play with the factory harness, a cylinder head ground, an easily mounted battery ground under the distribution block cover, with the addition of a relay and fuse that can easily be mounted, with the supplied hardware, between the ECU location and power distribution block, as pictured. 

This ignition system features the IGN1-A coil that we have been testing in the shop car along with dozens of other high horsepower applications. This coil has been used in applications making over 1000WHP and 55+PSI.

We personally did all of the R&D on our Evo X drag car we built in early 2018. We started to experience ignition break up issues at 45PSI on that setup and proceeded to build the ignition system you see today. 

Spark plug gap with this ignition system should be .020.

Ignition Kit Contents: 

  • (1) WSRD Evo X Coil Plate 
  • (1) WSRD Coil Harness
  • (4) IGN1-A Ignition Coils 
  • (4) Magnecor Spark Plug Wires 
  • (7) Stainless Steel Allen Head Bolts
    • Used to mount coils to coil plate
  • (3) 40mm Studs, (1) 50mm Stud, (4) Aluminum Spacers, (4) Nuts 
    • Used to mount coil plate to valve cover
  • (2) Rubber Insulated "P" Clips
    • Used on two of the coil plate mounting studs for harness hold-downs
  • (2) Replacement Bolts, (1) Nut and Bolt 
    • Used on the ECU mounting brace and used to mount harness fuse to ECU bracket (pictured)

Tools Required for Installation: 

  • (1) 4mm Allen Key Socket
  • (1) 10mm 6 Point Socket or Wrench

For installation instructions on the valve cover please view the labeled eight picture sequence. 

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