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WSRD EcoBoost V1/V1+ 2.3L Short Block

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  • Regular price $ 3,850.00

Engine Package:

  • WSRD Custom Diamond Pistons 
  • Callies Performance H-Beam Connecting Rods
    • ARP 2000 and ARP 625+ Rod Bolt options are available
  • Daido Main & Rod Bearings
  • ARP Main Studs
  • Crankshaft Polished (Balanced Upon Request)
  • Decked/ Bored/ Torque Plate Honed
  • Main Cap Alignment and Roundness is Checked 
  • Engine is Washed and Bores Cleaned

Additional Engine Package Options:

  • Crankshaft/Crankshaft Sprocket Keying Service - $350
    • Includes NEW OEM crankshaft sprocket


  • Displacement : 2.3L
  • Compression Ratio: 9.0:1 or 9.5:1
  • 22.5MM - .200 Wall HD Wrist Pin

Core Options: 

  1. Customer Supplied Block and Crankshaft Cores ONLY
  2. New OEM TS 2.0L Partial Closed Deck Block - $1000 (FB5Z6010A)
  3. New OEM 2.3L Open Deck Block - $700 (EJ7Z6010D)
  4. NEW OEM 2.3L Crankshaft - $500 (M-6303-23EB)

***All customer supplied cores with be inspected and measured. Piston option (STD, .020. .040) will adjusted per bore measurements. Please contact us directly for additional options such as; Head Gasket, Head Studs, and other available compression ratios. Also, additional machine charges may apply.***

(The pictures shown reflect our V2+ Drag Engine for our personal Mustang. This engine however showcases our Diamond Piston and the ARP Main Stud Kit.)