WSRD Can-Am WS210RR (240HP) Performance Package | E85 | 2020

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With the new 2020 RR model, after dissecting the tune, its clear to see Can-Am used a different in house tuner to produce the calibrations, at minimum they took a different approach. So we went to work re-configuring the feel to be more natural and smooth. We felt the machine was overly aggressive, almost like a light switch. Applied all of our research and development from the previous years and produced a super powerful and fun tune for full enjoyment.
To recap what may already be known. The 2020 RR models have a larger turbo, larger exhaust manifold, bigger intercooler and fan (bent blade which is a lesser flowing fan than a straight blade), same fuel pump fuel pressure but larger injectors, higher pressure wastegate. Boost pressure requests over 20 PSI stock at some rpm and throttle position.
We increased boost pressure to 28 PSI of boost, dialed in the fueling as well as ignition timing, reworked how the ecu requests torque from the turbo and throttle, fixed some annoying cruising feel, and essentially made the machine make more power much quicker when the go pedal is pushed. With unbeatable reliability and customer service, you can be sure to have a safe, fun, powerful tune. 
*** Max Effort takes the experience and performance to perfection. We work with each client to dial the machine in for maximum boost for the modifications and the fuel being used. This adds another level of performance for the guys who want to spend the time to get it dialed in for their exact machine. Each machine has slightly different fuel pressure, injector flow, conditions and fuel. We add a Dynojet Wideband into the system that datalogs along with all the other important ecu information that is sent to us via email. Revisions will be sent back and forth until the tune for your machine is perfected. ***


Power Output: (Conversion Factor of 15% - Wheel to Crank)

  • Stock: 169.6 Wheel Horsepower (195.0 Crank Horsepower)
  • WS210RR Max Effort Tune: 208.4 Wheel Horsepower (~240 Crank Horsepower)
    • These are E85 Results
    • This package is also supported by KWI Clutching - recommended clutch package listed below
    • Please adjust crack pressure to 12 PSI

Package Essentials: 

Max Effort (ME) Edition - Upgrade:

  • WS210RR ME E85 Tune Upgrade
    • 208+ Wheel Horsepower (~240 Crank Horsepower)
  • DynoJet Wideband for AFR datalogging
  • Custom datalog review and revisions for maximum performance. 

Package Options:

Clutching Options: (please select the additional link below to add your recommended clutching option)

  • WSRD Spec KWI X250 Clutch Kit