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    WSRD 2018-2022 120HP Racer Spec Class Upgrade Packages (249-261HP)

    by WSRD
    Original price $ 5,225.00 - Original price $ 5,269.00
    Original price
    $ 5,225.00
    $ 5,225.00 - $ 5,269.00
    Current price $ 5,225.00
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    The WS200S & WS205S Packages were designed for pro-level short course racing where there is no excuse for not making the absolute maximum horsepower.

       WSRD Tune Fuel Octane Boost - PSI Crack Pressure
      WS200S 98+ Octane 24-25 12
      WS205S E85 24-25 12
       WSRD Tune Fuel Octane Hub HP Crank HP
      WS200S 98+ Octane 224 249
      WS205S E85 235 261

      WSRD Racer Spec Class Packages

      What's Included?

      • WSRD "Terminator" Intercooler
      • WSRD 10" Fan & Shroud Assembly
      • DynoJet Power Vision (PV3)
        • Includes WSRD PV3 Mounting Arm
      • WSRD Racer Spec Tune(s)
        • Includes full tuning and clutching support 
        • 91/93 Octane tuning included for alternate fuel options
      • WSRD 3 Bar Sensor Kit
      • WSRD Wastegate
      • DynoJet Can-Am Wideband Kit (Logging Capability)
      • WSRD Injector Set + PNP Adapters
      • WSRD Catch Can Kit w/ Black Outerwear Filter Cover
      • RPM SxS Charge Tube Kit
        • RPM SxS BOV | Optional
      • WSRD Play & Play E85 Fuel Pump + WSRD Rewire Harness
      • WSRD Ethanol Tester
      • 2018+ Turbo R/Turbo RR Fuel Pump Assembly

      Please note: All E85 fuel options require a minimum rating of E70. Please use the supplied ethanol tester before use. WSRD recommends the use of the 2020+ Air Box with all 2018-2019 120HP models for maximizing performance. 

      The WS200S tune held almost all of the best qualifying laps, six out of eight races including the World Cup, in the 2019 Lucas Oil Midwest Short Course series as well as winning the Pro-Mod UTV World Championship at the 50th Red Bull Fall Crandon where Bak40's #9 Tim Farr held the pole position, fastest lap, and took the win. These racers also had great success with the WS200S Package; #44 Jimmy Henderson, Henderson Motorsports, finished with two second place podium finishes, and #99 Thomas Reihner, Bak40 Motorsports, finished with two third place podium finishes on the season.

      A variety of the WS200S and WS205S Packages have been used in other various short course class racing, UTV World Championships desert endurance racing, and various woods racing series' all over the United States.

      Please consult with WSRD per your rulebook prior to purchase. 

        Clutching Options:

        • KWI Clutching AO Green Clutch Kit + DR Helix
          • Designed for race gas, WS200S Package 
        • KWI Clutching AO Green Clutch Kit + #4 Helix
          • Designed for E85, WS205S Package
        • STM Powersports Rage 4WCP

        Spark Plug Options:

        • OEM NGK Spark Plug
          • OEM Part Number: 415130363
          • NGK Part Number: LMAR9AI-8
          • Auto Parts Store Number: 97225
        • Brisk Spark Plugs

        Drive Belt Options:

        • World's Best Belt

        Package Upgrades:

        • WSRD Billet X Intake Manifold
        • Dirt Monkey Performance Intake System
        • RPM Downpipes & Exhaust Systems
        • Treal Performance Exhaust Systems