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WSRD Blaze Wasted Spark Ignition System - Evo 8/9

$ 850.00
Introducing our Blaze wasted spark ignition system. This system is ran in factory form wasted spark (two coils fire simultaneously). This kit is designed for stock ecu and direct plug and play.

The coils are the key to having such a potent ignition system.
In wasted spark mode, to not damage to coil, we recommend ignition dwell at 9k rpm to be 2.8ms, 8k rpm to 3ms, 7k rpm 3.4ms. 3.5 ms of dwell we have tested to 850whp at 9k rpm. These dwell settings are to allow the coil to have time to cool and not overheat them. On the stock evo ecu the factory settings are completely safe for these coils to 9k rpm and have the potential to be modified to a higher dwell with the definitions that allow you to edit. 

Specs on the coil are as followed:
  • Output Voltage: up to 81kV +/- 10%
  • Output Energy: up to 250mJ +/- 7% (8mS dwell @ 14 volts)
  • Peak Secondary Current: 100mA +/- 7%
  • Arc Duration: 3.2mS +/- 10% @ 3.0mS dwell target
  • Max Continuous Dwell: 9mS not to exceed 40% duty cycle
  • Max Intermittent Dwell: 88% duty cycle for 9 sec max

Included parts:
1- Coil plate with mounting hardware
4- IGN1-A coils with hardware
4- Spark plug wires with dielectric grease to use on connections
1- Plug and Play Milspec harness using tefzel wire wrapped in raychem sleeving for maximum protection

**Edit** finished product will look slightly different as the harness will be sleeved differently and we have designed a new fitment coil plate.

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