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WSRD Blaze Sequential Ignition System - Evo 8/9

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This system will support over 250HP per cylinder without the need for a CDI. This system can only be used with a four coil capable engine management system and will utilize the factory ignition coil plugs for part of its operation.

Here is a list of Wire-In ECUs that will support the Blaze Sequential Ignition system that we recommend (We can also wire these to several other ECU options on the market):

The LinkECU Evo 8 and Evo 9 PlugIn ECUs are able will use the XS expansion loom to support the Blaze Sequential Ignition system:

To provide the coils with enough time to cool properly, the recommended coil dwell settings are 5.5 milliseconds at 9000rpm, 6 milliseconds at 8000rpm, and 6.2 milliseconds at 7000rpm. Our harness is highly recommended to allow these coils to operate correctly, as they can draw up to 20 amps per coil. The harness will include a 40 amp relay and a 30 amp fuse. The harness has a short ground that must be grounded to the cylinder head, which we ground at the lift point on the back of the head near cylinder four's injector. There's also a main ground next to the relay that will connect to the negative battery cable ground on the strut tower. The two pin Deutsch connector is cylinder three and four ignition trigger, which will need to be wired into your ECU connector and configured in it's software.

Specs on the coil are as follows:

  • Output Voltage: up to 81kV +/- 10%
  • Output Energy: up to 250mJ +/- 7% (8mS dwell @ 14 volts)
  • Peak Secondary Current: 100mA +/- 7%
  • Arc Duration: 3.2mS +/- 10% @ 3.0mS dwell target
  • Max Continuous Dwell: 9mS not to exceed 40% duty cycle
  • Max Intermittent Dwell: 88% duty cycle for 9 sec max

Included parts:

1- Coil plate with mounting hardware (Your choice of finish)
4- IGN1-A coils with hardware
4- WSRD Spark Plug Wires with dielectric grease to use on connections
1- Plug and play harness using aerospace tefzel insulated wire covered with DSG V25 sleeving for chemical, abrasion, and environmental protection.

These are normally made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for final product to be shipped.