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WSRD 7-Bolt & Evo 8/9 Fastener Bundle

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This bundle features our Large Head Stud Washer, ARP Custom Aged 625+ Head Studs, and ARP 4G63 Main Studs. A combination you will find in almost every one of our engine packages. 

The Large Head Washers increase the surface area over your standard ARP head stud washer by 22%. This will help prevent crushing your washer pockets, an issue that many have head when torquing their cylinder heads to 95-100ft/lbs. This washer is designed to work the 11mm 7-Bolt and Evo stud size. We recommend 95-100 ft/tq with our paired CA625+. Matched with ARP Main Studs makes this the perfect fastener combination for your next, or current, engine build!