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WSRD 4" Uni Air Filter

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We have been working directly with UNI Filters since the beginning. You have always been able to find these filters in our client's engine bays clamped to our 4" SD Intake Kits for the Evo platform. The UNI iconic red filter just simply clashed with some of our client's engine bay color schemes. So, we have finally decided to take our UNI Filters to the next step and we now offer our exclusive WSRD all black 4" UNI Filter. We will continue to stock the most common red UNI Filters but you will begin to see more and more engine bays with the WSRD white letters in our client's DSM and Evo platforms! 

We have seen awesome performance results with this filter! Over 20HP gained by simply switching to our filter! 

These are in stock and ready ship!

Dimensions: 4" inlet, 5-3/4" OD, 7-1/4" length