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    WSRD 2020 Turbo RR Racer Spec Stock Injector Package (246HP)

    by WSRD
    Original price $ 2,169.00 - Original price $ 2,169.00
    Original price
    $ 2,169.00
    $ 2,169.00 - $ 2,169.00
    Current price $ 2,169.00
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    This package was designed in conjunction with several of the active short course racing series rule books. This IS NOT our standard retail package offered to the public. Please note this before purchase. If this is unclear please contact the WSRD Sales Office; 269.415.0040.

       WSRD Tune Fuel Octane Boost - PSI Crack Pressure
      Stock - - -
      WS220RR-SC 98+ Octane 25-26 14
       WSRD Tune Fuel Octane Hub HP Crank HP
      Stock - - 195
      WS220RR-SC 98+ Octane 222 246

      Please note: fuel choice may be class spec dependent. WSRD development utilized UTV96.

      What's Included?

      • DynoJet Power Vision (PV3)
      • WSRD WS220RR-SC 98+ Octane Calibration
      • DynoJet Wideband for AFR Datalogging
        • custom datalog review and revisions for maximum performance
      • KWI Clutching Complete AO Green Clutch Kit
        • Includes KWI Clutching #4 Race Helix

      The WS220RR-SC Package requires our fuel pressure modification. Please review this process before purchase. This modification is shown in the video below:

        Clutching Options:

        • KWI Clutching TAPP Primary
        • WSRD Spec STM Powersports Rage 4WCP Primary

        Spark Plug Options:

        • OEM NGK Spark Plug
          • OEM Part Number: 415130363
          • NGK Part Number: LMAR9AI-8
          • Auto Parts Store Number: 97225
        • WSRD Spark Plugs

        Drive Belt Options:

        • WSRD Ultimate Drive Belt
        • KWI GBoost Race Series World's Best Belt

        Package Options:

        • WSRD Catch Can Kit
        • WSRD PV3 Mounting Arm
        • WSRD 10" Fan Shroud Assembly
        • WSRD Terminator Intercooler
        • WSRD Exhaust Systems
        • RPM SxS Downpipes & Exhaust Systems