WSRD 2020 Turbo R Can-Am WS280XR (310HP) Package | 98+ Octane

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Introducing the WSRD Can-Am WS280XR Package! We looked to take the stock engine to the maximum, reliable performance on race gas with this package. With 98+ octane race fuels being readily available to the public and racers, it was a no-brainer to offer a package like this! Please verify your fuel of choice with WSRD as we do have a list of approved race gas vendors. While we do ask that you have your race fuel approve; we also require an intercooler upgrade that you should also have approved.  Both the C&R Intercooler and the WSRD 10" Fan Shroud Assembly are both listed below as package options. 
One issue we noticed quickly was that the 1200CC (actual flow 1100CC at 43 PSI) injector we were previously using even with the fuel pressure increased to a base static pressure of 78 PSI (fuel pressure differential 48 PSI at 30 PSI was not enough). Horsepower is purely and directly correlated to fuel flow. So it was quite obvious we needed a larger injector. This lead us to our 1300CC injector which flows on the higher side of 1300CC at 43 PSI. With this kit we still increase fuel pressure to 78 PSI. Instructions will be included for what is involved with installing this turbo kit.

Instructions for modifying fuel pressure shown below:

The WS280XR is designed for 98+ Octane ONLY. If you are not interested in 98+ Octane race fuels and would prefer to stay on 91+ octane pump gas, you will look at our WS220XR power package. It utilizes our smaller injector and requires no modifications to the fuel pressure. 

Power Output: 

    • Stock ECU; 278.8 Wheel Horsepower (~308 Crank Horsepower)
      • Boost: 26PSI

    What's Included? (Package Essentials)

    Your machine must have a 2018+ Turbo R Fuel Pump or 2020 Turbo RR Fuel Pump to properly adjust fuel pressure and setup this system! For 2017 Models or 120HP Models please select the available option for the 2018+ Turbo R Fuel Pump.

    A BOV IS REQUIRED WITH PACKAGE! Several options are available and many clients have previously installed this option, but many vendors use an upper intercooler pipe option that is replaced with our charge tube kit when using the XR42 Turbocharger. The BOV is required to be install in the "lower" longer charge tube.

    Package Upgrades: (Optional)

    Clutching Options: (To add the correct clutch to your performance package follow the link below)