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WSRD '17-'21 Turbo R Big Injector Packages (205-237HP)

Original price $ 1,539.00 - Original price $ 2,248.00
Original price
$ 1,539.00
$ 1,539.00 - $ 2,248.00
Current price $ 1,539.00
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WSRD Big Injector Packages

What's Included?

WSRD Max Effort Package Upgrade

What's Included? 

    Power Output:
    • 91/93 Octane | WSRD WS180 Tune: 180/187 Wheel Horsepower | ~205-215 Crank Horsepower
      • 93 octane: ~20psi boost
      • 91 octane: ~18psi boost
      • Adjust crack pressure to 10 PSI
    • 98+ Octane | WSRD WS200 Tune: 192 Wheel Horsepower | ~220 Crank Horsepower
      • Boost Pressure: 22 PSI
      • Adjust crack pressure to 12 PSI
    • E85 | WS205 Tune: 205 Wheel Horsepower | ~237 Crank Horsepower
      • Boost Pressure: 22 PSI
      • Adjust crack pressure to 12 PSI
      • E70 minimum ethanol rating

    WSRD Big Injector Tune Features:

    • Boost pressures are increase up to 18-22 PSI respectively for the octane you choose to run. 
    • Radiator fan activation temp lowered from ~200* F to ~175* F
    • Intercooler fan activation temp lowered from ~140* F to ~95*F
    • Torque limits for L raised to 100%, reverse raised to 75%
    • Component protection mode for fueling lowered to increase torque and horsepower, especially right after the pedal is floored. 
    • Ignition timing per cylinder is optimized for maximum power as well as drive-ability, careful consideration was used not only for when at wide open throttle, but as well as cruise, throttle transitions, ect.
    • Throttle feel and control is thoughtfully improved, to control through a whoop section, on/off feel in short course style racing or playing in the woods, eco mode is improved but offers the less aggressive pedal for technical rock sections or simply loading on a trailer. 
    • Speed limits removed, your speed limit is your rev limiter/gear
    • Rev limiter raised to 9000 RPM
    • Rough road detection is raised to max to prevent power loss.
    • Plus more!

    Clutching Option:

    Spark Plug Options:

    • OEM NGK Spark Plug
      • OEM Part Number: 415130363
      • NGK Part Number: LMAR9AI-8
      • Auto Parts Store Number: 97225
    • Brisk Spark Plugs

    Drive Belt Options:

    Package Upgrades: