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Wisefab Mitsubishi Evo 7/8/9 Rear Track Kit

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Mitsubishi EVO is good performance car designed for rally. Because it’s good performance it is more and more used for circuit racing. On asphalt the ride height doesn’t have to be as high as on gravel. Lowering the car would give more grip and better handling, but then the factory designed kinematics wouldn’t work as it supposed to. If kinematics is bad, then it decreases mechanical grip and also influenses aerodynamical grip as kinematics supports less roll squat and pitch. The Wisefab kit would bring the RC, bumpsteer, anti-squat and camber curve back to normal range, providing better roll stiffness, better handling and grip.

15 kg of total front and rear weight reduction over original components and still maintaining required strength and stiffness

7075-T6 aluminium billet CNC knuckles and with optimized design and all double shear connections provide low weight and high strenght. All the rear links and arms are made of high strength steel.
CrMo rod ends and sphericals used instead of rubber bushings
Camber and bumpsteer adjustments.
Rear Camber adjustment is buit into the upright and it is very easy to use at the trackside.
Also possibility to adjust bumpsteer at the upright
The standard 17“ or bigger wheel can be used. If standard wheels are used, then there are no modifications needed for bodywork. If the wheels are wider to outside, then some bodywork should be done to have enough wheel clearance for bump travel.

Brakes can be used from EVO 7, 8 9, or 10. There are 2 caliper attachment possibilities for rear.

EVO CV joints are known to be very good to handle big power, but for any case if power and grip exeed their limits, then uprights have room for bigger CV joint if needed.

Adjustable antiroll bar (swaybar) motion ratio. There are 3 possibilities for antiroll bar drop link attachments. Changing antiroll bar motion ratio is quick and easy way to tune your car understeer/oversteer

Other components, packaging and clearance.
This kit assumes coilovers
Minimum rim size is 17“
Original wheel speed sensor can be used