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Evo 4-9 V2 Cylinder Head

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Evolution 4-9 V2 Cylinder Head

 We go beyond ourselves and bring you everything you'll need in a ultimate performance cylinder head. When you're looking to get everything out of your engine, don't let your cylinder head hold you back. This cylinder head will give you the power advantage that your competition don't have. We utilize rough intake ports and port theories to change air speeds and help promote cylinder filling. This port design has been ran on both of our class winning engines. 

  • Upgrading camshafts are highly recommended in our V2 cylinder head builds.

Cylinder head package:

  • ​Kiggly High Pressure (racing) Valve Springs w/ Ti Retainers
  • Kiggly HLA
  • Ferrea +1mm Intake 
  • Stock OEM Exhaust valves
  • Supertech valve stem seals
  • 3 angle valve job using 3A cutters
  • All NEW OEM oil galley plugs and exhaust studs
  • NEW 3G Hydraulic lifters
  • Upgraded Camshafts - Additional cost 
    • GSC S2 - S3
    • Kelford 272's+

Port Work:

  • Full WSRD V2 Race cylinder head port work

Machine Work:

  • Surfaced decked
  • Complete valve job
  • Full complete cylinder inspection/cleaning