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WSRD Subaru TMIC Intake Air Temp Adapter

$ 60.00

WSRD is proud to offer a bolt-on solution for external IAT measurement on TMIC Subarus. This adapter plate provides an easy way to mount a GM IAT sensor post intercooler for accurate temperature correction on speed density converted Subarus. 

Our adapter plate takes the place of the OEM by-pass valve (BOV). This can also be beneficial for Rally converted Subarus running anti-lag to maintain higher charge pipe pressures during anti-lag conditions. We have done extensive testing and found no issues with turbocharger wear when removing the by-pass valve.


We also offer a Plug-and-Play IAT harness that plugs into your factory MAF harness connection and connects to the GM IAT sensor to offer a complete Bolt-On/Plug-and-Play speed density solution.

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