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Rev-X E-Boost E85 & Alcohol Fuel Additive

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E-Boost Alcohol Additive is the first product developed to maximize the performance of ethanol and methanol alcohols used for street and racing applications while eliminating the corrosive effects of alcohol. Mandatory for use in any racing application.
  • One 8 OZ Bottle 
  • Treats Up To 25 US Gallons
  • For Use in Ethanol (E85) and Methanol Alcohols
  • Eliminates the Corrosive Properties of Alcohol
  • Increase the Performance of Racing Alcohols
  • Maximizes Engine Performance
  • Increases Throttle Response
  • Provides Upper Cylinder Lubrication
  • Lubricates Fuel System Components
  • Dissolves Hardened Deposit Buildups