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Radium Engineering Nissan S13/S14 KA24DE Top-Feed Fuel Rail kit

$ 219.95

As there are few KA24DE power hungry people out there. Radium still went and made one of the most important part you can upgrade for your car. With KA's being factory side feed, you are limited on injector size. A top feed conversion is highly recommended to make real sort of power. With a quality fuel rail paired with a quality fuel injector. Drive-ability and tuning/performance of the KA will increase.

With the several different fuel rail add-on options Radium themselves give. We are going to give you a few options that will suit you well!

Fuel injector options:

  • IS116-1000H – 1000CC
  • IS116-1100H – 1100CC
  • IS116-1650H – 1650CC
  • IS116-2150H – 2150CC

Radium offers many add on options with these fuel rails (Adapters, fittings, plugs, etc). We went and made a fuel rail kit with all Radium parts. The first one works with the OEM style fuel pressure regulator, and other one we put together uses a external fuel pressure regulator. 

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