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Magnus V3 Cast Aluminum Intake Manifold - 1G DSM & VR4

Magnus V3 Cast Aluminum Intake Manifold - 1G DSM & VR4

$ 999.00

Magnus broke new ground with our revolutionary cast EVO V5 manifold. Casting allows subtle changes to the interior profile of the manifold nearly impossible to duplicate with a welded-up manifold – subtle changes that make huge differences to the way the air flows through the manifold. The Magnus EVO V5 rewrote the rules for making big power on the EVO platform.

No sooner did Magnus release the EVO V5 than customers started demanding a version for 1G DSMs. Magnus listened and took what they learned from the development of the EVO V5 and applied those lessons to the 1G DSM. The results will astound you!

Magnus R&D:

Using the EVO V5 intake manifold as a starting point, Magnus used advanced airflow design technology to match the intake manifold to the 1G DSM head. The 1G cylinder head has unusually large intake ports, originally designed to support a variable runner length inlet manifold design used for a short time in the early 1990s. Conventional wisdom holds that these ports are too big, yet numerous tests and comparisons through our research have proved quite the opposite if you are trying to make big power. The large ports are well suited to the flow requirements of the increased mass and density of the air charge needed to achieve in excess of 1000 horsepower. High horsepower cars require a large volume of fuel (especially in alcohol applications) and the oversize ports in the 1G allow superior inertial supercharging effects. The increased popularity of alcohol in the last few years constantly steered us in the direction of the fat 1G ports. If you want to build the world’s baddest 4G63 motor, all the numbers and the evidence gained through years of racing points in the direction of the 1G head.

With that being the case, the intake manifold needs to be optimized to feed these flow-hungry ports. Using advanced computer modeling techniques and after 7 iterations, we finally achieved the design Magnus was looking for. From 20 PSI to 100 PSI. and from 40 lbs of airflow to 160lbs of airflow, the new 1G V3 cast manifold has equal flow distribution within 1 percent in each cylinder. That’s something none of the competition can even approach. In addition to unmatched flow distribution, the 1G V3 manifold offers reduced restriction and increased flow compared to all our previous designs.


  • 2 years of research and development
  • Cast from A356-T6 Aluminum Alloy
  • High quality casting gives a superior surface finish
  • Enhanced flow dynamics utilizing CAD Modeling & CFD simulation
  • Flowbenched and dynamically tested
  • Dynotested proven up to 50 HP
  • Ability to flow 100 lb/min (1000 HP) of air at 60PSI while maintaining equal flow distribution
  • Can be installed in stock location with clearance for original battery (with adaptor)
  • Install kits are optional and can be purchased to include heat barrier gaskets, and adaptor plate to run stock throttle bodies (easily upgradeable). Remote map sensor boss is optional for use with factory ECU's
  • Stock turbo gains up to 40 HP
  • 15 degree entry to the throttle body facilitates Intercooler plumbing
  • Can be configured for 8 injector setup
  • Fits factory fuel rail or Magnus high flow Fuel Rails
  • 5L plenum with contoured velocity stacks molded into the floor for huge top end and minimal turbulence
  • Magnus Quality and Lifetime Warrant

Comes standard with the Magnus 90mm to Stock Throttle Body Adapter.

Additional Options:

  • Secondary Fuel Rail - 8 Injector Configuration (+$250)
  • Magnus 90mm to Bosch 82mm Throttle Body Adapter and Bosch 82mm Throttle Body (+$55 for Adapter & +$350 for Throttle Body)

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