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Magnus DSM Dry Sump Kit

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The Features:

We engineered an entire front cover with a sealed bearing that could handle big loads.  We were planning on using the original gear but that plan was scrapped in favor of designing an entirely new gear ourselves and manufacturing it in house.   It no longer drives the oil pump; it is now just an idler pulley and allows you to use the original belt.  The front cover has original timing marks for when you are timing your motor; It fits 7 bolt crank sensor.  It can be custom made in 6 bolt to fit crank trigger option if you need as well.  Original oil seal fits in.  We made entirely new gaskets out of the same gasket material and same thickness, to retain the original distance from the trigger wheel to the sensor.

We chose a High volume pump with large steel gears so we could get maximum scavenge you should still pull vacuum in the crankcase at 20 psi of boost with this setup.

There are 4 stages 1 stage to pump oil, 3 stages to scavenge, 2 from the pan, one from the cylinder head to clear all the oil that gets stuck in the head from running high rpm, and fills your puke tank (you fast guys know what I'm talking about)

The DSM block does not have enough drains, now we have -12 vacuum pump working on that nonstop. We selected this pump to work both in road race and in drag race; the only difference will be tank size.

The pump can supply the pressure flow and scavenge we need to make 1400 - 1500 WHP, and we're not talking about imaginary hp, or Crank hp, were talking about 1400 to the wheels, 202 mph in a 2350 lb sled. No false claims, no BS.  We have actually done it are the only ones who have done it and raced it successfully for years.  We know what kind of oil pressure is needed to survive up there @ 11,000RPM, do the math, the rest are still trying, and claiming they can do it.

In Road race applications it has helped tremendously in keeping oil pressure to the motor.  In particular downhill sweepers where the OEM pump would have a problem running dry.

It uses an external tank, You may locate it where you see fit.   On some of our road race apps it is in the trunk of the car, on the drag cars it is near the engine. You can get from 6 Liter to 16 liter capacities

The pan can be custom configured to your needs, speak with one of our representatives and they can help you configure it.


  • Fuel pump drive : The fuel pump can be driven from the back of the pump.  If you toss a belt your car will shut off.