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Magnus 4G63 Mechanical Fuel Pump Drive

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Magnus is now offering Mechanical fuel pump drive solutions for your 4G63.

Because of our pioneering efforts in methanol fuelling for 4G63's, we found that electric pumps were not only noisy and taxing on the cars charging system, but reliability was not the same as with a mechanical setup, not to mention that multiple pumps had to be run to provide the proper fuel flow.

All of our own race cars utilize a custom fuel pump drive to turn a mechanical fuel pump. Now you can take advantage of this with a bolt on solution for 1G DSM, 2GDSM, VR4, and Evolutions. The Magnus Mechanical Fuel Pump Drive is CNC machined and bolts to the cylinder head, accurately positioning your hex drive fuel pump (Waterman, Aeromotive or MagnaFuel) with your camshaft, and is driven at 1/2 engine speed eliminating the need for a separate cogged belt. Lovejoy couplers eliminate run out variances between cam gear manufacturers that can cause eccentricity in the drive system.

Can be run with Alcohol fuels or Gasoline.

Benefits of the mechanical fuel pump drive are:

  • Increased fuel flow - 1 mechanical pump is all that is needed for 2000hp
  • Safety - in case of motor failure or fire, engine driven pump no longer turns, fuel supply is shut off with engine kill
  • Superior Reliability - no electrical connection or relays to fail
  • Reduced weight - weighs in at less than 1/4 of comparable electric pumps

*** Note: 1G must use Waterman Pump or MagnaFuel Pump ***
(Pictured: 1G Bracket with MagnaFuel Pump)