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Magnus 2G Rear Chromoly Subframe

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Magnus engineered a complete rear suspension solution and subframe that would also allow camber adjustments. We even went through the trouble of having it approved by certain sanctioning bodies for racing.

Magnus' Chromoly Rear Subframe ties the entire rear half of the car together, stiffening the chassis. It positively mounts the rear end housing and you will no longer break axles, rear diff covers, rear ends, or driveshafts. Our subframe is strong enough to run deep in to the 8's if not further!

It is 25 lbs lighter than the original and will fit full race cars or cars still using the original fuel tank.

Included Products:
  • Lower Control Arms
  • Toe Control Links
  • Trailing Link
  • Belrin Bushings
  • Rear Subframe 
  • Hardware


  • Reduces Weight 
  • Increase Torsional Rigidity
  • Can be ordered with sway bar mounts
  • Clears factory Gas tank filler tube