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LinkECU G4+ Kurofune

LinkECU G4+ Kurofune

$ 1,275.00

Commissioned then designed to utilize existing adapter looms.  There are a host of aftermarket adapter looms for Japanese cars that plug straight in, without modification. The Kurofune is a brilliant replacement for inferior aftermarket ECUs that share that same pin out.

Boost control can be added using the supplied terminated wire deleting the need for an external boost controller giving all of the advantages of ECU controlled boost e.g. boost per gear; conditional on inlet air temperature and engine temperature etc. 

This ECU will require the "A" & "B" looms or the "A" & "B" Plug and Pin Kit. 

  • The "A" & "B" Looms are additional options listed above. These will add $97 ($48.50/each), and come in a 16" standard length. Other available lengths are available upon request; price change may apply. Click the highlighted "A" and "B' for those links. 
  • The "A" & "B" Plug and Pin Kits are also additional options listed above for those DIYers looking to build their own harness. These will add $62 ($31/each).


  • 30 General Purpose Tables and many dedicated tables. 
  • 100 channels of logging. 32Mb of logging memory. 
  • All Motorsport features including antilag, traction and launch control. 
  • Built in trigger oscilloscope. 
  • Onboard Knock Control - support for two knock sensors wired directly to the ECU. 
  • No external amplifier required. 
  • QuickTune - automated fuel tuning. 
  • OBDII output stream - send engine data to your tablet or phone using an OBDII to wifi/bluetooth adapter (not included). 
  • Up to 6D fuel and ignition mapping. 
  • 5D boost control with three switchable tables. 
  • Real time selectable dual fuel, ignition and boost maps. Individual cylinder correction.



  • 10 x Digital Inputs
  • 3 x Temperature Inputs
  • 9 x Analog Inputs
  • 2 x Differential Trigger Inputs
  • 2 x Knock Inputs 


  • 8 x Injection Drives
  • 8 x Ignition Drivers
  • 10 x Auxiliary Outputs
  • 4 x Analog Outputs +5V Sensor Power Supply 


  • 1 x Sixty Four Pin Connector
  • 1 x CAN Bus
  • 1x USB Mini Tuning Connection 


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