KWI Clutching Helix | Can-Am X3

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X3 DR Cut Race Helix: We will supply you with a NEW BRP X3 helix with our special RACE angle that increases mid-range acceleration, increases top speed, improves back shifting and lowers belt temps. We have developed this helix angle through hundreds of hours of testing in the harshest conditions to be the best possible performing angle for your X3.

X3 #4 Cut Race Helix: We will supply you with a NEW BRP X3 Helix with our special #4 angle that is designed for 260+ WHEEL horsepower packages. This can specially used with the WSRD WS280XR, WS300XR, WS320XR, and WS340XR Packages for the 2017-2019 models, along with the WS260RR-G, and WS300RR-XR Packages for the 2020 models.