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Kiggly High-Pressure Valve Springs

Kiggly High-Pressure Valve Springs

$ 379.00
Our most popular valve springs upgrade by far is the Kiggly High-Pressure Beehive valve springs. With more and more people upgrading to such of a large camshaft. You'll be a valve springs to with stand the cam. Kiggly HP Valve springs have no problem do it.
  • Fits all 4G63 engines including DSM and EVO
  • Compatible with all popular cam profiles
  • Kit Includes: Titanium Retainers, PAC Racing Springs and Treated Steel Seats
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Seat pressure = 97lbs at 1.440"
  • Rate = 325lb/in
  • Max recommended lift = 0.500"
  • Min recommended spring height at full lift = 0.900"

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