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Haltech IQ3 Street Display Dash

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Haltech IQ3 Street Display Dash - 20 EFI + 32 V-NET + 6 Direct Input Channels
SUITS: Internal CAN interface compatible with over 20 aftermarket EFI systems (inc OBDII) in addition to Racepak V-Net and new direct wired sensor inputs.
INCLUDES: Haltech IQ3 Street Display Dash, 2.4m (96") DTM-4 Elite CAN adaptor cable, mounting hardware, colour coded wiring harness, 12 spare pins. 2 programming buttons. V-Net male terminating cap. USB programming cable. USB memory stick, Racepak Datalink II software, user manual and quick start guide.
NOTES: As supplied this product is Plug'n'Play compatible with an Elite ECU CAN port, Elite ECU Harness CAN connector or mutiple CAN device installation using an Elite 4 Port CAN HUB.
  • Ideal for late model engine swap, aftermarket EFI system or a traditional carburetor and distributor setups.
  • Offers direct inputs for the integrated street functions, green indicators, blue high beam and red park brake/warning condition lights.
  • Stand alone friendly with cost effective configurable direct inputs for tach, road speed, display dimming, fuel level, oil pressure, oil and coolant temp.
  • ECUs Supported: Haltech Platinum, Pro Plugin and Elite Series, AEM, MSD Atomic, Electromotive, EMS Em-Tech, FAST XFI, FuelTech, Holley, InjePro, Life Racing F88, Link G4+, MaxxECU, MEFI 4B, MegaSquirt, MicroTech, MoTeC, OBDII, Pro EFI.
  • If you are connecting this product with a Platinum Pro Plug-in, Sport or Sprint ECU or multiple CAN device installation using a Platinum 3 or 6 port CAN HUB, please order a Haltech Tyco CAN Dash adaptor cable (HT-060200)
  • If you are connecting this product with a non Haltech ECU or an OBDII port, please order the matching CAN adaptor cable. (See list of compatible ECUs in the product spec sheet)
  • Mounting solutions come in several available options.
  • All mounting panels are 20 inches in length, 10" inches tall
  • Please expect 1-2 weeks delay when ordering the panels