Full Race Ford 2.3L EcoBoost Inconel Cast T4 EFR Manifold

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The long awaited Full-Race EcoBoost 2.3L Inconel 625 Investment Cast T4 Turbo Manifold is designed to work with twinscroll EFR turbos and the integrated exhaust manifold cylinder head found on USDM EcoBoost 2.3L engines. The highly developed Inconel Turbo Manifold yields rapid spool and strong top end power.

Manifold Contents:

  • Full Race Cast Manifold 
  • Stainless Steel Studs and Nuts 
    • Optional Inconel Hardware Upgrade ( +$50 )
  • Full Race T4 Twin Scroll Gasket 

This manifold is designed to work with the OEM turbo to cylinder head gasket and hardware.