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WSRD Evo X Radium Surge Tank Kit

WSRD Evo X Radium Surge Tank Kit

$ 2,140.00

WSRD Complete Evo X 1000HP Fuel Kit

This kit offers two different Radium Surge Tank options to choose from. Both Surge Tank options do come with the additional option to add the correct fuel pumps. This kit is designed to be a drop-in ready complete fuel system! 

Surge Tank Options:

  • Radium Multi-Pump Surge Tank (Pictured)
    • +(2) Walbro F90000267
  • Radium Dual External Surge Tank
    • +(2) AEM 20-1005

Fuel System Components:

  • Magnus Fuel Pressure Regulator and Liquid Gauge
  • Radium Evo X Fuel Rail
  • In-Line Fuel Filter
  • AN Fuel Lines and Fittings

For additional details and pricing please use the contacts below!

-Phone: 269-415-0040



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