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Can-Am X3 DynoJet Power Vision + WSRD Tunes

$ 379.99
****The value of these kits are unmatched. No need to remove ECU to send it in to be flashed. Order the kit, install parts, flash car, have fun.****

The Dynojet Power Vision CX handheld tuning devise allows the user to flash their Can-Am without the need for sending the ecu out to be bench flashed, or the need for an expensive alternative. The Power Vision CX stores the stock map so you can return the car to stock if needed, as well as storing up to 3 alternative tunes. Flash time is roughly 9 minutes. 

When you purchase the Power Vision CX from WSRD we will supply our own Stage 1 map designed for 91 or 93 octane for the 2017 X3 Turbo R. Our dyno baselined at 114 horsepower to the wheels(156hp to the crank) We have gained roughly 20% over the stock tune with our custom flash. 138 whp on 93 octane which is roughly 188hp to the crank) . If you order the intake/intake and catch can, you will receive our Stage 3 map. This is a 36hp increase to the wheels, 31% increase in power using the stock exhaust.(roughly 205 to the crank). I really hate having to mention "to the crank horsepower" but it is needed. Our dyno may read differently than the next but what we are really looking for is % gains over stock. What you will feel is an immediate difference in driving and power!

Target boost is raised from 11 psi to 14.5psi in our stage two and three package. We also have went through and raised the load/boost limits, torque limits in low gear, RPM limit raised, dropped the lean spool for added punch immediately, raised speed limits, lowered fan temps, ect. 

  • Live viewing of data(boost, fuel trims, coolant temp, ect)
  • Live viewing of diagnostics and ability to view and erase potential codes
  • Ability to datalog data for viewing or sending to the tuner to view and potentially help diagnose a problem or make changes to suit your driving style/environment. 
  • 9 minute tune flash time with the ability to store 3 tunes plus the stock tune.

It is also important to note that your machine should be in proper mechanical order, this tune will not magically fix an existing problem and could potentially cause more harm if not addressed. Please ensure your fluids are checked, zero intake tract leaks, all sensors are reading properly, transmission is working correctly, ect. We do not assume any liability for any failure. Please visit our tuning services page for more detail.

For those guys out there with components already on their machines, we have modified this listing to show the Power Vision and tune ONLY from our performance packages. 


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